Texas Blend (1/2" to 1-1/2")
Rio Rock (2" - 6")

Gravel & Landscape Rock

 Gravel and Landscape rock come in a variety of different colors,  shapes, and sizes ranging from tiny pebbles to giant boulders. 

 Since these products are naturally produced, the color and texture  are unique and may change according to the layers of the Earth, the  location of the quarry from which they were mined, or the minerals

 found in the rock. 

Texas Blend (2" to 4")
Crushed Limestone 
(1-1/8" - 5")
Granite Chips (3/8" & 1/2")
Gravel Base (1-1/2" to Dust)
Decomposed Granite (Regular)
Decomposed Granite (Fine)
Moss Rock Boulders
Ledge Rock
Limestone Rock